A Little Bit About Me

Hey there and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I’m Courtney – a (very) loud and energetic photographer with an insane passion for travelling and learning about different cultures and lifestyles from around the world.

I began this love affair with travel about 18 months ago when I started flying all over the country for both work and play. I had travelled many times before, mostly for family vacations, and had even been out of the country a few times for small trips to the Bahamas and England. But 2018 was truly “the year” of travel for me. I found myself on a total of 24 flights (which at the time was A LOT for me) that took me on 10 trips throughout the year, a number which was unheard of in my current state. I was your typical 1 or 2 trips-a-year person prior to last year, and let me tell you, when I decided that I wanted to fill my year up with trips in 2018 I hadn’t realized I had just made the best decision of my life.

My eyes had been opened to the beauty and the joy of travelling, and without even realizing it, I was officially a travel junkie. If you’ve ever heard people talk of getting bit by the travel bug, I will go ahead and tell you… it’s REAL. The desire to hop on a plane and go somewhere new is so strong, that you find yourself daydreaming about new adventures 24/7, even if you’re currently on one!

Once I started heading out all over the good ole USofA, I decided it was time for me to start setting my sights on booking bigger and better trips. Not that the US doesn’t have some incredibly amazing places to visit, because it does, but I wanted to see more. So this past spring, I packed my bags and headed to Asia for 3 weeks with two of my best friends.

It was there that I realized I wanted to document my travels. You always see people posting the most amazing photos and videos from places you could only dream of seeing, and while I was in Singapore it dawned on me… I am here, I am in one of those beautiful places I see all over Instagram and travel blogs.

I may not be the most well-travelled person out there yet, but I hope to one day say I truly saw the world - the whole dang thing - and I was able to share that experience with even more people from all over this beautiful planet I was lucky enough to explore.

I can’t wait to share all of the incredible photos and stories from all of my recent travels, as well as take you all along for my future trips as I make my way around the globe. I’ll be adding info on all of the places I stay and any fun activities I get myself into, so you will want to make sure you tune in and take notes for all of your upcoming adventures! Some trips are shorter and smaller than others and some are weeks long in exotic and intriguing places, but every trip has a story and I intend to share them all.