A few things about me

-       I’m a born and bred Kentucky girl living in Music City, who loves horses, bourbon (the good stuff), and all things blue. Go Cats! No matter where I go, I will always believe that there is no place quite as beautiful and quite as special as the Bluegrass.


-       I’m a total nerd. I love reading, writing and learning about anything regarding history. Doesn’t matter when or where, if it happened in the past, I want to know about it. I also have the Netflix queue of a 12-year old boy (seriously ask my friends). I love old comic book action movies (Transformers is my jam, Marvel, DC Comics, X men, you name it). Those will always be my choice for movie night, although I do love a good rom-com okay, I am still a girl.

-       I have turned into a huge travel nut. Over the past few years, I have repeatedly been bitten by the travel bug, and bitten hard. I am extremely passionate about learning from other cultures and immersing myself into their lifestyles. I truly want to visit everywhere on God’s green earth, but some of my top travel destinations for the next year or two are Bali, Thailand (all of Southeast Asia really), Greece, Tokyo, South Africa, honestly I could go on forever.  I do also want to see everything this amazing USofA has to offer. The vast landscapes from coast to coast have always amazed me and a cross-country road trip is at the tip-top of my bucketlist.

-       I’ve always had a love for all things creative. I wrote songs as a little girl, produced homemade music videos with my neighbors in middle school (produced is a term I use loosely and no, those will not see the light of day again), I even designed my own clothing line (again, using the term design loosely here) when I was about ten years old. But a few things that have constantly stuck with me throughout all of the awkward, beautiful, and life changing stages of the past 28 years have been my passion for writing and my love of photos. Those are two things that bring me such joy, and I hope to bring others that same joy through sharing my creative passions and working with others just like me, helping them achieve their own creative visions.